Thursday, April 3, 2014

Uninstall/Delete Supra Savings Adware Virus Quickly

Know More about Supra Savings 
Supra Savings belongs to adware group. It claims that it can enhance your online shopping experience by providing you the information about coupons and discounts so that you can save more time and money. If you have downloaded Supra Savings in your computer, you will notice this program brings in nothing but troubles. The interruptions caused by it will ruin your browsing experience. Thus, it’s essential for you to uninstall it from your computer.

As usual, Supra Savings can be installed in your computer by adding itself to free softwares, corrupted email attachments and hacked websites. Once it gets inside your computer successfully, it will change default browser settings and all the browsers you have installed in your computer will be contaminated. By inserting many unwanted add-ons on your browse, it can stay in your computer stubbornly and achieve its vicious purposes better. So every time when you are surfing internet, you will receive unstoppable pop-up ads which are supported by Supra Savings.

It’s useless for you to reset or reinstall your browsers. Supra Savings will come back again and the pop-up ads will still be the dreadful issue. If you keep Supra Savings longer in your computer, it will have the perfect chance to record your online information like cookies, bookmarks and searching key words. So next time it can show you pop-up ads which are more related to what you have looked for and it also will expose your privacy. In a word, you are recommended to remove Supra Savings from your computer before it causes more troubles.
Supra Savings Screenshot
Harmful Properties of Supra Savings 
1. It changes default browser settings without asking your permission.
2. It inserts many useless stubborn add-ons on your browsers.
3. It invites other malicious programs in your computer.
4. It shows numerous pop-up ads to interrupt your terribly.
5. It has the ability to record your online information secretly.
6. It can bypass the antivirus and stay in computer safely. 
Supra Savings Removal Instructions
Before the removal, please first back up your system! You should be extremely careful when deleting any file, because any mistake may lead to system crashes and other severe consequence.
METHOD 1. Manual Removal
Step One:
Click "Start" to open "Control Panel", then click "Uninstall a program". Then uninstall Supra Savings programs and other unknown programs.
Step Two: 
Remove Add-ons from browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome).
1. Internet Explorer:
Click "Tools" and then click "Manage add-ons". Find Supra Savings related extensions and other unknown add-ons in "Toolbars and Extensions" and "Disabled" them.
2. Firefox:
Click "Firefox(Tools)" and then click "Add-ons". Find Supra Savings related extensions and other unknown extensions and "Disable" or "Remove" them.
3. Chrome:
Click "Menu" to open "Tools" and then click "Extensions". Find Supra Savings related extensions and other unknown extensions and "Disable" them.
Step Three:
Click “Start” button and open the “Control Panel”, then double-click “Folder Options”. When the Folder Options window shows up, please click on the “View” tab, tick “Show hidden files and folders” and unmark “Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)” and then press OK.
Step Four:
Open Start menu and click on the “Search programs and files” box. Then delete Supra Savings files: 
C:\Program Files\AppData\Temp\random
C:\Program Files\AppData\Roaming\Supra Savings\uninst.exe
Step Five:
Open Registry Editor by pressing Windows+R keys, type in regedit and click “OK” to launch the Windows Registry. Then delete all Supra Savings registry entries and keys.

METHOD 2. Automatic Removal 
To completely delete Supra Savings, you need to know that the manual removal above may not be able to remove virus  completely, because the creators of virus are always updating the virus version.Besides,any tiny mistake during the manual removal process may lead to severe consequences. Therefore,to ensure a complete and safe virus removal, it’s recommended that you get rid of virus with Automatic Supra Savings Removal Tool.                                                                                   


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